April 2015: when Nepal is shaking They were over 8,700 casualties on the 25th of April 2015, plus 83 new victims on the 13th of May. Nepal is a country with a past of seismic activity but had not recorded such a deadly shock since the 1934 earthquake. That could apparently have been a sign […]

It is 4.30 am and the cool, invigorating morning air is with us during this long and fantastic adventure. I am surveying for new programs in East Java with a few members of Azimuth Adventure Travel Agency Ltd team. Our objective is not only to discover the region but also to find unexploited trekking spots. […]

Pinrang is a small town on the way to Toraja Land in South Sulawesi. I have an appointment with Yunus and his twin brother Andi Lawang in their family home. Quite a special appointment because of the following reason: Yunus is a boy and his twin brother, Andi Lawang, is a dragon.. like the Komodo […]

Bengkala is a small village located in the North of Bali in the Singaraja district. Aside from the beauty of its landscape and the traditional culture that still carries on, Bengkala is amazing because of its inhabitants and their lifestyle. Here, words have made way for body movements and facial expressions: sign language has become […]

Carstensz Pyramid or ‘Puncak Jaya’ is one of the « Seven Mythical Summits» with its 4884 meters. Carstensz represents one of the most challenging adventures to mountain-climbers eager to conquer the highest peaks of the planet, especially the seven highest peaks of each of the seven continents. In February 1623, the Dutch navigator Jan Carstensz […]

Meru Betiri National Park located at the south-east of Tengger Park and Bromo volcano is an absolute must if you wish to discover a unique fauna. Sea turtles come ashore regularly and lay their eggs on some of the park’s beaches. From Kalibaru, the road going down to the south takes us to our final […]

Tanah Toraja is the land of the Toraja people, living in the south of Sulawesi Island. A society which remains mysterious and is still able to preserve a thousand years old tradition. Men and buffalos make one. Both spend their daily life in rice fields, working there day after day. The result of their work […]

Slamet volcano, a huge stratovolcano in central Java, is Java’s second highest and one of its most active volcanoes. There are lots of gasses around the crater almost all the time. It contains a wide summit area with four craters. It has the highest peak in central Java and second highest in Java Island. When he […]

At time of May’s full moon, takes place every year the most important Buddhist festival of Indonesia on the fabulous site of Borobudur – classified by UNESCO as world heritage in 1991 –  and secondary temples Mendut and Pawon. This event is particularly important for Buddhists who celebrate at the same time the birth, wakening […]

It is late when Neemiya, his two fellows and I finally have Lukun in sight, this highland village of the Una territory in the Jayawijaya Mountains, Indonesian Papua. Yamin Peak and its 4,581meters dominate deep gorges with turbulent streams and on clear days we make out traces of fresh snow. Neemiya is cold and tired […]